Fast Against Slaughter

Imagine if you had to watch a crime being committed and do nothing? A mother being raped continuously. Her child dragged away by the legs. A young boy crushed to death. A father’s throat slit in front of his brothers.

Awful isn’t it, that you can’t do anything to make it stop?

Now replace the humans in this disturbing image in your mind with animals. Still feeling pangs of guilt? The good news is that you CAN do something about it.

You can stop condoning the torture and desecration of their bodies, the kidnapping and killing of their young, the utter disregard for their sentience and the heartless forced sacrifice of their life.

You can do this by going vegan. Simple.

Tomorrow, October 2nd, is the birthday of a man who believed in the sanctity and respect of animal lives. He regularly observed periods of fasting in protest of the social and political policies of the era he lived in.

The manner in which animals are treated is abhorrent. If Gandhi were alive today, I am certain he would’ve led numerous fasts, marches and peaceful protests in the name of the billion animals who are murdered daily.

So, join me, and thousands of other people in the world who care about animals lives, in a 12 or 24  hour fast on October 2nd, to honour animals who are the unfortunate victims of the food, beauty, entertainment and fashion industry.

If you are a meat eater, I challenege you to take this day to consider the impact your action
s have on our animals, our planet, and your own body. 

If you are vegetarian, I urge you to, on this day, educate yourself about the evils of the dairy and egg industry, and then ask yourself if you are willing to condone that.

If you are a fellow vegan, use this day as a tool to raise awareness and re-affirm your vow to not treat animals like property, but to love and care for them, as we should.

Renounce food for 12 hours. Then renounce animal products. You don’t need them.

The animals need YOU.

 fast 2

YOUR beauty. THEIR pain.

Would you force your dog to drink dishwashing liquid? Rub shampoo in your cat’s eyes? Feed your pet rabbit fabric softener? No, you say? Oh, am I being cruel and heartless? You seem outraged. Then we’re off to a good start!

Sadly, this is a harsh reality that we have all unknowingly condoned in our lifetime. But after reading this, you will have no excuse to keep allowing it. You will be aware, and you can use that knowledge to make a difference and educate those around you.

Bear in mind, this is not only an issue that vegans should take up. Anyone who cares about animal rights, or loves animals can’t, in all good consciousness, allow these practices to go on.

Animal testing is conducted in labs, where animals are kept in cages and are the subjects of cruel tests and experiments. These rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, dogs and cats are often force fed chemicals, have them rubbed into their eyes, injected directly into them or placed in their food, all in the name of beauty.

I know the saying goes “beauty is pain” but should it be their pain for our gain? NO.

The question on everyone’s lips is WHY?

Usually these tests are conducted to satisfy legal requirements to sell in countries such as China and Russia, where animal rights is at the bottom of their list of priorities and it is a legal requirement that your product be tested on animals. Many companies have been labeled as sell outs for this, such as MAC, who were cruelty free from the start, but have now kicked animal rights to the curb.

The reasons for speaking out against animal testing are not just ethical and moral (as if that isn’t enough) but can also be seen from a scientific standpoint.

The genetic make-up of animals and humans are very different, and these chemicals will often have a different reaction on humans and animals. Often, the very same chemical that has a fatal effect on an animal will still be marketed to the cosmetic companies. There are more accurate tests that can be conducted in this era of new technology that do not require us to poison and mutilate animals.

That being said, not all companies are evil propagators of animal abuse. There are many cruelty free companies who produce amazing products, without harming innocent creatures who deserve to see more than just the inside of a laboratory while writhing and screeching in pain from poisonous chemicals.

We need to show our support for these humane companies, such as Lush, The Body Shop*, Kiss My Face, Earth Friendly and many others. All you have to do is read the back of the bottle, and if there is no disclaimer about animal testing, then it is quite likely that a sentient being was forced to test it out for you.

Can you live with yourself knowing that your favorite shampoo that allegedly gives you hair that bounces was forced down a fluffy rabbit’s throat, or rubbed into the unknowing eyes of a puppy?
Still think “you’re worth it?”

How to get involved:

Write letters to your favorite make up companies, urging them to stop animal testing. Inform your friends and family of this heartless practice and get them to do the same.

Stop purchasing these products that have been tested. Switch to a range like Earth Friendly for your home and personal use.

For a list of products that are not animal tested, visit (South Africa) or

*L’oreal is the parent company of the body shop, so some do not support them, however, I believe if the subsidiary is doing a good thing for animals and the environment, we should support them in the hopes that it will encourage more companies to join the cruelty free way.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”