The Yulin Hypocrisy 

A Chinese tradition results in the torture and slaughter of over 10000 dogs every year. 
The Japanese capture and kill thousands of  pods of Dolphins every year. 
1215 rhinos were poached in South Africa last year.
At least 10 known cases of canned hunting of lions took place in South Africa. 
A Facebook friend (now ex friend) killed a bunny for fun and smiled for a photo with blood on their hands.

The social media response to all of the above is countless petition shares, heartfelt posts from “animal lovers”, pictures that tug at the heartstrings, and information that’s enough to make you want to fly to China and rescue all the dogs.
And those reactions are 100% correct. Those animals deserve more than that, their lives should be revered and respected, and we should fight for their rights. 

13,6 million cows are killed in South Africa alone every year. Multiply that by about 5 for USA stats

Nobody bats an eyelid. 

Before the beef eaters start attacking me in defense of their daily torture, I do not condone the Yulin dog eating festival. 
I simply believe that you need to open your eyes and realize that you cannot condemn torture in one country, but be on board with torture happening in your backyard. That is simple, plain down, hypocrisy. 

The only way out of this hypocrisy is quite simple.

                                                                           Stop. Eating. Animals.  


If you include all animals in your compassion, you will be awakened with awareness, and trust me, that feeling is addictive, and better than any high.   

It’s very easy to click a button, sign a petition, and share a link to urge friends to do the same. That’s called clicktivism. It gives you the illusion that you are actually doing something to save animals, while not really having to make any real sacrifice, and once you’ve done that, you’ll go on with your life as you know it, and animals will continue to be senselessly tortured, abused and inevitably killed. 

Go vegan. Forget the excuses, because I know you have a million, be it health, religion, greed, or money. None of them can justify the torture and killing of innocent animals every day. Don’t do it for you or for the planet. Do it for the animals!

 Be the activist they need you to be.    


Dance, Puppet, Dance!

I loved going to the circus as kid. My dad always got us front row seats, and we cheered in admiration at the elephants standing on their hind legs, clapped with glee at the monkeys doing tricks and jumped out of our seats in haste when it was time for the horse rides. Even more than that, a trip to the aquarium to watch dolphins twist and turn in the air and nuzzle up to their trainers was a favourite birthday present.

And we loved all this because we loved animals and enjoyed watching them up close, and getting the chance to interact with them. We were fascinated to see them seemingly happy and in what we were deluded to be believe was a natural state. I can guarantee if we knew then what we know now about animal training, we would not have wanted to express our love in such a way.

If you are labouring under the delusion that animals WANT to entertain us, and live to serve us, please read this. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Knowledge IS power. And we need to harness all the power we can to effect the shift in thinking about animals and their right to freedom.

Don’t mistake my harsh tone for judgement. I only judge those who aren’t willing to learn. if you’re still reading, then you obviously are, so thank you!

Any of you ever been to a yoga class, where the flexible instructor stands on one leg for like 5 minutes? Your yoga instructor probably weighs 55 kilograms, so it’s fairly easy for her to shift her weight onto one leg.

Now imagine a fully grown elephant trying to balance it’s 5000 kilograms on it’s 2 hind legs, when it’s natural stance would be to be on all fours? Ask yourself WHY an elephant would want to stand on it’s hind legs? These majestic creatures are huge and can injure the average person quite easily. Why don’t they? Because they are terrified. Why are they terrified?

Because they are kept chained up for 23 hours a day. Because they are whipped and spanked with iron rods. Because they are deprived of food to do tricks to get food. Because if they don’t obey, they will be electrocuted with prods.

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent mammals in the world. In fact, their intelligence is on a higher level compared to other animals because they can pass their knowledge onto others, as well as build upon their knowledge.

But they are reduced to next to nothing, as they are kept in pens the size of your bedroom, starved for days until, in complete and utter desperation, they perform a “trick”  for which they are rewarded. And so, the clever little dolphin learns that to get food, she must perform a trick.

You want to swim with dolphins and be kissed on the cheek by them. 

You want to ride horses and then feed them sugar cubes.

You want to arrive at your Thailand wedding atop an elephant.


What about them?

Do THEY want to?


Circus Animals