Thanks for nothing

Let’s shove dried bread bits and herbs up a poor dead turkeys anal cavity, slather it in sauce and eat it to show our gratitude for the harvest.

Americans have taken the word harvest to another level. Far too literally. Harvest vegetables, not turkeys!

He was born as a result of artificial insemination, because his parents were pumped with steroids until they could barely walk. Born in an incubator, never to know the warmth of a mother, or see the light of day, he will then live out his few months in a crowded, windowless shed, with over a thousand other frantic and terrified birds, knowing full well what’s coming.

Let’s not even mention that their toes, beaks, claws and snoods are sliced off, and their legs often snap under the weight of their hormone injected bodies. The conditions they are forced to “live” in are filthy, delapidated and extremely unhygenic. So many poor birds die from heart failure, stress and fear.

He spent his entire (albeit short) life being treated like a vegetable, with zero regard for his feelings, desires, needs or wants. And trust me, he had them!

The term “humane slaughter” is about as logical as a fat man dressed in red sliding down the chimney with a sack of presents. But turkeys are exempt from the Humane Slaughter Act. This means that factory farm workers can torture, maim, abuse and treat them any which way they like. And from I have read, turkeys are one of the most compassionate and caring birds ever.

Like chickens, they are deeply family oriented, intelligent and are excellent judges of character. They form close bonds with humans who they trust, and love spending time with their friends. Sounds a lot like a sentient being right? That’s because they ARE!

45 million turkeys are mercilessly killed so Americans can give thanks. The entire concept screams utter contradiction.

I hope you will show your gratitude in a way that embodies the love and compassion you want to express. turkey 2

Teacher Teacher

A vegan teacher has come under investigation for educating her high school students about animal rights. Woah! Call the cops, this woman is a terrorist.

Since the consumption of meat has been linked to heart disease, cancer and obesity, why wouldn’t you want your children to make an informed decision?

I attended a non-denomination school, but in our religious classes, they taught ONLY about Christianity. I can safely re-assure you that I did not become a Christian after listening to someone speak about it. I believe religion should be taught at home. But compassion and kindness – where would you learn that but at school?

If a Christian teacher imparted her personal Christian views on a class and taught them to love Jesus, go to church, and service man-kind, she would be applauded. This teacher is sharing her personal views with her students, teaching them to love animals TOO and she is being lynched! Hypocrite much?

Some are accusing the teacher of turning her students against Christianity because they do not want to eat meat anymore. Huh? I fail to see the link.

Christian does not equal Meat Eater

Vegan does not equal Atheist

Stop using your religion to absolve yourself from guilt or justify your feasting on the bodies of animals who have spent their lives being tortured, raped and abused by humans.

Where in ANY religious book is torture OK? Yeah, thought so.

There are 16 year olds out there with tattooed butt-cracks, puffing on cancer causing cigarettes, with a baby in their arms from a man they are not married to, and you’re worried about your teenager experimenting with vegetarianism?

**Disclaimer – I am not an atheist, or agnostic. I am simply a human being who loves animals and refuses to condone their torture. I hold NO judgment towards people who choose to follow religion. But I firmly believe the baseline for all religions is at the very least, compassion**