Fast Against Slaughter

Imagine if you had to watch a crime being committed and do nothing? A mother being raped continuously. Her child dragged away by the legs. A young boy crushed to death. A father’s throat slit in front of his brothers.

Awful isn’t it, that you can’t do anything to make it stop?

Now replace the humans in this disturbing image in your mind with animals. Still feeling pangs of guilt? The good news is that you CAN do something about it.

You can stop condoning the torture and desecration of their bodies, the kidnapping and killing of their young, the utter disregard for their sentience and the heartless forced sacrifice of their life.

You can do this by going vegan. Simple.

Tomorrow, October 2nd, is the birthday of a man who believed in the sanctity and respect of animal lives. He regularly observed periods of fasting in protest of the social and political policies of the era he lived in.

The manner in which animals are treated is abhorrent. If Gandhi were alive today, I am certain he would’ve led numerous fasts, marches and peaceful protests in the name of the billion animals who are murdered daily.

So, join me, and thousands of other people in the world who care about animals lives, in a 12 or 24  hour fast on October 2nd, to honour animals who are the unfortunate victims of the food, beauty, entertainment and fashion industry.

If you are a meat eater, I challenege you to take this day to consider the impact your action
s have on our animals, our planet, and your own body. 

If you are vegetarian, I urge you to, on this day, educate yourself about the evils of the dairy and egg industry, and then ask yourself if you are willing to condone that.

If you are a fellow vegan, use this day as a tool to raise awareness and re-affirm your vow to not treat animals like property, but to love and care for them, as we should.

Renounce food for 12 hours. Then renounce animal products. You don’t need them.

The animals need YOU.

 fast 2